“When each of us realizes the potential they really have, and combines it with people around us, then we create small miracles!”

Kalli Roumeliotou

Project Coordinator & Cycling Member, Spin The Wheel 

Schools Visited by the

#SpinTheWheel Team

  • Magwero Primary School

  • Mtengowanthenga School

  • Mponera School

  • Madisi School

  • Kasungu School

  • Nkhamenya School

  • Kamalambo School

  • Chamakala School

  • Luviri School

  • Kazomba School

  • Kakhuta School

  • Chikangawa School

  • Katoto School

  • Ekwendeni School

  • Livistonia School

The Spin The Wheel team consisted of eight cyclists: Alexandros Kataropoulos, Vassilis Dimitriadis, Nikos Fazos, Paul (last name concealed for privacy), Georgia Nikiforaki, Dimitra Mitsogianni, Dora Mavriki, and Kalli Roumeliotou. The team’s vision was to make the world an inspiring place to live, through its spread of educational opportunity for underprivileged youths. The Spin The Wheel team distributed pencils, notebooks, erasers, pencil sharpeners, books, and sports equipment to 6,500 students in 15 schools. This helped to substantially alleviate the very low book-to-student ratio (about 1 to 10) in these schools. The riders have been delighted to see the children receive their gifts, as well as the smiles on their faces.

Click below to watch a video of our fabulous riders as they prepare for their trip from Malawi to Tanzania:

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