Ige, Ph.D

Dr. Segun Ige was born and raised in Nigeria, under circumstances which were very similar to those of the very people that Anike Foundation is working to help today. Dr. Ige left Nigeria upon receiving a scholarship from Shell-BP to study in the United Kingdom. From the UK, he left for the United States to complete his graduate studies and after graduating, he worked for General Electric and other successful high-technology companies. Throughout his studying abroad, Dr. Ige always remained in touch with his African roots and traveled back to Africa many times. During these trips, he was always saddened by the wide disparity in educational opportunities between the US, where he worked at the time, and his homeland of Africa. It was Dr. Ige’s mother, Marian Anike, who inspired him to found Anike Foundation in 2007, fondly named after her. Dr. Ige still remains very passionate about the purpose of Anike Foundation and all the work it does. He believes that every child deserves the opportunity to receive an education.