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Partnership with ABC4All Sierra Leone to Support Ebola-Affected Children

Since it began in May 2014, the Ebola outbreak has affected more than 6,000 people in Sierra Leone. Although it was curbed later that year, the highly deadly crisis resulted in many school-aged children left without parents.

A Better Community For All (ABC4All) was established in 2008 in Sierra Leone’s Freetown urban and Waterloo rural areas to address this crisis. ABC4All, a non-governmental organization serving primary and secondary school-aged children of the region, turned its focus to children affected by the Ebola epidemic. Many children whose families previously could not afford the basic learning materials for school, such as uniforms, books, school bags, clothing, food and other necessary items, found their needs only compounded by the disaster.

Anike Foundation, through its partner organizations in Africa, works to provide basic learning materials for orphans and children without parental care; basic relief, including food and medical care; and psychosocial services for children and families in need. In continuation of this effort, Anike Foundation recently partnered with ABC4All to provide school uniforms, school bags, exercise books, footwear and other classroom supplies to more than 200 nursery, primary and secondary school children in Allen Town, Freetown and Waterloo, Sierra Leone. Our expectation is that these efforts will result in improved school attendance, quality of education and self-esteem for these children.

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