• Matt Sales

Spin The Wheel Pedals Towards a Better Future

“When each of us realizes the potential they really have, and combines it with people around us, then we create small miracles!”

Kalli Roumeliotou

Spin The Wheel

Project Coordinator & Cycling Member

Escaping their comfort zone and overcoming their fears, the Spin the Wheel team worked together to bring small miracles to Africa by cycling 700km from Malawi to Tanzania over the course of a month to deliver school supplies, sports equipment, and other education tools to 15 schools and over 7,000 smiling children. The students’ warm welcome of songs, dance, and flowers touched the hearts of the eight cyclists, inspiring them to continue pedaling through eastern Africa.

Spin the Wheel is directly supported by Anike Foundation, a non-profit organization that fights for a world in which people in underdeveloped and developing countries have similar access to educational facilities and infrastructure as those in developed countries. The Spin the Wheel team

consists of eight cyclists from Greece: Alexandros Kataropoulos, Vassilis Dimitriadis, Nikos Fazos, Paul, Georgia Nikiforaki, Dimitra Mitsogianni, Dora Mavriki, and Kalli Roumeliotou.

These determined cyclists delivered over 7,000 pens, pencils and workbooks, 7,000 sharpeners and erasers, over 6,000 rulers and 3,000 color pencils. The team also delivered sports equipment, oil pastels, chalk, and dusters, supported a school library with books and painted four classrooms in two schools.

The team’s vision is to make the world an inspiring place to live. By distributing essential educational materials and sports equipment to thousands of young students, that vision is becoming a reality. The average African classroom lacks basic essential school supplies. This lack of supplies negatively affects the quality of education that children receive. Spin the Wheel’s determination and generosity will greatly assist and inspire the educational future of countless children.

​By working together with Anike Foundation, the efforts of Spin the Wheel positively affect the lives of thousands of children from Malawi to Tanzania. Their 700km journey along dusty roads through exotic landscape to deliver essential materials to students in need inspires not only the students who receive them, but also inspires the eight cyclists who were greeted with warm welcomes, delicious food, big hugs and beautiful smiles.

Spin the Wheel cycles towards a more promising future.