• Matt Sales

Anike Foundation Distributes Exercise Books to Elementary Schools in Oyo, Nigeria

Anike Foundation distributed 1500 exercise books to schools located in Oyo, Nigeria. These exercise books were distributed so that each student had at least five exercise books to themselves in order to further their education. In its on-going effort to alleviate the dearth of school supplies in many schools in Africa, Anike Foundation embarked on a project to distribute school supplies to selected schools in Nigeria. In the first phase of this project, Anike Foundation distributed 1500 exercise books to L.A. Town Schools 1 and 2 in Oyo, Nigeria.

In March 2015, members of the Nigerian Steering Committee of Anike Foundation traveled from Lagos to Oyo to distribute the exercise books, thereby insuring that every pupil in both schools received at least five exercise books. This was done in order to not only further the educational experience of the pupils but also relieve some financial burden from their parents so that they could invest in other aspects of their children’s education. The school was very pleased to receive this donation. In upcoming phases of this project, Anike Foundation hopes to further the relationship formed and impart the values of Anike Foundation in more schools.