Action for the Development of Rights, Uganda

Action for the Development of Rights Uganda (ADR Uganda) is a registered nonprofit organization operating in Eastern Uganda, whose goal is to support the rights of orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC’s) and school dropouts. ADR Uganda hopes to promote self-reliance and economic independence among target youth by creating educational opportunities, health and general wellness and promoting a socially motivated environment within the community.

Since the entry of HIV/AIDS in Uganda in 1982, close to 2,000,000 children have been orphaned to date (UNAIDS 2000 Report). This number has risen to approximately 3,000,000 as a result of 20 years of conflict within the northeastern parts of Uganda. Without necessary supports, these youths lack the employable skills necessary to compete in the labor market.  

ADR Uganda’s interventions aim to address needs within areas of health, education and training, as well as economic empowerment of the community. The first goal will be met through malaria and HIV/AID awareness campaigns and providing mosquito nets and HIV/AIDS medications to the target community. Vocational training and quality education within ADR’s Bundi Vocation Training Institute (BVTI) will address the needs for self-reliance and the eradication of poverty.

Established by ADR Uganda in 2012, BVTI’s mission is to produce skilful men and women who are able to transform society through quality technical and industrial services.  By providing continued educational opportunities, participants in the program will develop the ability to engage in income generating projects. These economic opportunities will increase household incomes to provide additional support for siblings and ailing parents while providing youth with economic sustainability.

The projects will target 1,000 infected and affected people within the Pallisa community: orphaned and vulnerable children; school dropouts; single parents and widows affected/infected by HIV; and destitute elderly. Programs will directly impact 400 orphaned youth and adolescents in addition to 600 parents, widows & elderly persons.

African Ark Primary School, Uganda

African Ark Primary School is a community based organization founded in 2004 and located in Umoja, a village in Uganda. The organization offers services to the local communities to ensure sustainable development without discrimination of any kind. The main goal of African Ark Primary School is to improve the quality of life of orphans and disadvantaged children, empowering them with affordable and quality education.


The organization aims to help create a community that can sustain itself. To achieve this goal, great importance is given to vocational training and small-scale agricultural activities in which children are involved. Anike Foundation is partnering with African Ark Primary School by providing books and other school equipment and helping them in fundraising activities.

A River Blue,


Anike Foundation serves its core mission of promoting educational development in Africa by partnering with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other not-for-profit organizations (NPOs) throughout Africa. One such partner is NPO A River Blue (ARB) based in Lira, Uganda. At ARB, they believe that people have a right to a just and equal society. As such, they are committed to making that right a reality for people on the margins of Ugandan societies. By enacting practical advocacy, ARB works with the poor who have been denied rights to understand and challenge conditions that set them apart.


In keeping with its mission, ARB provides education in multiple disciplines at its Vocational Training Centre including tailoring, garment cutting, agriculture, community animal health care, and other vocational skills. The Vocational Centre also offers education and support for child mothers during the school day as well as psychosocial guidance for students in need. And finally, together with its partner, Barefoot Workshops, ARB Vocational Centre provides free trade training skills and start-up kits, including sewing machines, agriculture inputs, goats and other tools for graduates to start their own businesses and begin generating income for themselves and their families.

St. Mary’s Junior School, Uganda

In keeping with its mission to promote educational development and provide educational resources to African children, Anike Foundation partnered with a Ugandan NGO, Training Women in Rural Uganda (TORUWU), to purchase and deliver scholastic supplies to a local school.


Anike Foundation provided funds to provide pens, pencils, exercise books, geometry sets, atlases, drawing sheets, markers and other school supplies to 46 students, nearly half of St. Mary’s Junior School’s total enrollment. Provision of day-to-day school supplies assists in creating continuity in the classroom for students grappling with change and flux. Anike Foundation plans to take part in other efforts benefitting rural Ugandan schools through TORUWU.

Angels of Bethany Bilingual Nursery and Primary School,


In its continued effort to promote long-term advancement of education in Africa, Anike Foundation is partnering with Angels of Bethany Bilingual Nursery and Primary School (ABBNPS) in Cameroon. Angels of Bethany School is a private, non-denominational government institute. They are located in the Abangoh quarter in the northwest region of Cameroon, and as such, their two official languages are English and French. Their prime motivation is to care for the educational well-being of many different peoples, inclusive to Cameroonians and non-Cameroonians, male and female, Christian and Muslim alike.


A partnership between Anike Foundation and ABBNPS is a further step toward the shared ambition of accessible education.

Airport Community School,


Airport Community School was founded in 2003 in an old Road Department building in the town of Choma, Zambia. Beginning with 45 students and only two volunteer teachers, today the school boasts an enrollment of 700 male and female students with eight teachers. Airport Community School has also extended its 1st through 5th grade curriculum to include 6th and 7th grade.

With this growth has come a shortage of learning materials for the expanding student body. Airport Community School recently added a computer lab and asked Anike Foundation for a donation of computers so more students can learn with new technologies.

Allow this school to provide a computer lab with a donation today!

African Women’s Dignity Foundation,


African Women’s Dignity Foundation (AWDF) is a non-government organization (NGO) based in Kasese district of Uganda. AWDF is working on a couple of projects to assist women in rural areas. The projects are designed to help women gain skills they can use to thrive and become successful. Two of AWDF’s current projects are the Women’s Learning Centre and Environmental Conservation Project.


Through these projects, AWDF gives women the opportunity to learn and grow in areas that would be beneficial to their lives. The skills learned give women the foundation to build a career of their own.

Established in 2013, the Women’s Learning Centre is focused on equipping women with skills in tailoring and knitting, basic computer skills, craft making, and much more. To date, the centre has trained 62 women. The Environmental Conservation Project involves and trains women in nature and environmental management. Each woman trains as a Climate Change Agent and, in order to implement this, each woman is given a total of 20 trees to plant (10 fruit and 10 non-fruit). To date, 226 women in Kasese district have participated, and over 2,000 trees have been distributed and planted.


Anike Foundation is pleased to partner with African Women’s Dignity Foundation in the implementation of these two projects. Anike Foundation will be assisting with the projects by offering the following learning materials: knitting machines, sewing machines, textbooks, and much more.