Spin the Wheel Team Does It Again

Spin the Wheel (STW), a charity organization formed in Greece to benefit Malawian school children, completed a second fundraising and distribution effort to bring school supplies to children in primary schools in Livingstonia, Malawi. Spin the Wheel consists of cyclists that make long distance rides between African countries and donate school supplies on the way. They assess local schools’ needs for supplies and funding through visits and discussions in order to best meet each school’s priorities. Anike Foundation, in partnership with Mtende Homecraft Foundation, a local non-governmental organization in Malawi, assists and facilitates STW in collecting and distributing supplies to schoolchildren.

The inaugural STW team, made up of eight cyclists, cycled 700 km from Malawi to Tanzania in June, 2017 and distributed pencils, notebooks, erasers, pencil sharpeners, books, and sports equipment to nearly 6,500 students in 15 schools along the way. The STW 2 team, made up of five volunteers from Greece, organized a second fundraising effort and, during July and August 2019, traveled over the course of two weeks from Greece to several Malawian communities to deliver school uniforms, pens, pencils, notebooks, bikes and funding for school libraries and building maintenance. The team, along with Mtende Homecraft volunteers, visited seven schools to donate supplies and resources to benefit school children. The teams delivered over 800 school uniforms, $2,600 in funding and five bikes to aid in school transport for teachers. In furnishing supplies, STW’s ambition is to make the world an inspiring place to live through the spread of educational opportunity to underprivileged youths. 

Local teachers warmly received volunteers and expressed their thanks firsthand, as well as discussed the challenges they faced. Volunteers had the opportunity to visit local sights such as Lake Malawi and the Vwaza Game Reserve. To date, Spin the Wheel cyclists and fundraisers, in conjunction with its partners Mtende Foundation and Anike Foundation, have delivered school supplies and support that benefit 12,000 students in 22 Malawian and Tanzanian schools.

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