Aljazeera Africa
The Aljazeera News is a local news channel known for informing the public of war and poverty in Africa. This is a good source for staying current on the political and economic happenings within Africa.

BBC News
The BBC has long been known to be an objective source of world news. Its African section is no exception. Here you would gain topical news on important issues in various regions of Africa.

CCTV Africa
CCTV Africa is China Central Television´s news productions center based in Kenya that focuses on African and international news from the Chinese perspective. With a healthy mix of news and propaganda, this is a vast source reporting on the socio-political and economic development of African nations.

CNN Africa
The CNN is a well connected, global news source dedicated to reporting Live news as it pertains to political, economic, and social issues. Here you would find a fixed program, Inside Africa, centered on the cultural and economic development of Africa and its people.

France 24 is popularly-recognized by francophones in Africa as a trusted source dedicated to reporting on the needs of underdeveloped nations.


New York Times
The New York Times is an established and well-known news source catering to global issues. Despite not always providing a detailed, holistic story, this is a trusted source to stay current on political affairs happening in the regions of Africa.

Radio France International
Radio France International is a French radio station dedicated to drawing attention to global injustice, and advocating for the rights of oppressed and marginalized groups. Here is a good source of information for teachers in Anglophone Africa and other language professionals.

TV 5 Monde
TV 5 Monde is a French news station that provides up-to-date news and happenings within Africa and other French regions of the world.