About Education

Breaks down African history into interesting topics represented by a trove of links on the left-hand side of the page. Useful for those who want to know many things about Africa in one fell swoop.


An eclectic collection of articles and videos by Dr Gloria Emeagwali (Philips Emeagwali’s wife) – chronicles various aspects of African history. Useful for ordinary and academic research alike.

African Oral History Archive

Tells African history by words of mouth. Many of the oral telling are excerpts of interviews with renowned African politicians and intellectuals.

Ancient History Encyclopedia

Has a section on Africa that is suitable for readers of every age and understanding.

BBC World Service

Topical rendition of African history, one topic at a time, by the BBC.

Black History Studies

African history condensed into 100 different aspects.

Black Past

Research-oriented resources website with many links to different websites for more information on Global African History.


Catalogue of published books on African history; might help those wishing to dig deeper into African history.

The Crawfurd

Presents African history from an African standpoint. Designed to correct false histories about Africa. Rich in other informational material for someone who wants to explore Africa besides history, such as traveling to Africa, African films, media and culture, to name a few.

Tells the historical development of the Binis, a Nigerian ethnic group in what is now called Edo State.

Fordham University African History Sourcebook

Collates links to books, webs, and articles on African history. Useful for academic researchers.

The History of Africa

Brief and straight-forward description of African history: one paragaraph per topic. Has links to other historical topics about Africa.

History for Kids

Much-simplified presentation of African History pages. Although specifically designed for children, adults might take pleasure in the simplicity of narration.

History Today

Online history magazine dating back to 1951, featuring articles on various historical topics, not just Africa. Among them is an excellent article examining the African component of Brazil’s cultural configuration through the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

History World

Contains synoptic descriptions of various phases of African History. This is, by no means, an in-depth history of Africa. Nevertheless, it is a suitable link for people looking for a brief history of any part of Africa. It also has good hyperlinks for terminologies used in the text.

International Slavery Museum

Anglicized version of the slavery story.

Links to histories on individual countries in Africa, plus a timeline of African history.

Lonely Planet

Concisely recorded history with links to other interesting facts about Africa.

Mapping History – University of Oregon

Traces African development from the Berlin Conference up to Independence.

Nations Online Project

Variety of information on the earth and its inhabitants, organized by continents and countries; includes governance, maps, news, culture, business, tourism, education and history.

Real History World Wide

History of the world, including Africa, from the Black perspective. Excellent information for people seeking an alternative version of history from the more pervasive Western/colonial perspective.

The history of Timbuktu, one of Africa’s greatest cities.

Time Maps

Cartographical analysis of Africa’s historical development by timeline.

Understanding Slavery Initiative

Tells African history by supporting the teaching and learning of transatlantic stories and legacies.

World Atlas

A geo-politically-inclined history of Africa with atlases and maps, suitable for geographers as the website contains pictorial and diagrammatical analysis of African history.