African Health Economics and Policy Association

This is an online and intellectual forum that works alongside the most vulnerable populations to achieve equity with regard to health economics and policy. Health policy researchers and policy workers would benefit from looking through this information to weigh different health policies and their potential impact.

African Health Observatory

This is an online platform designed to provide detailed country profiles and information on the continent by observing the health indicators. This is a good platform to monitor how Africa and its member states are faring in the provision of basic healthcare services that are affordable, accessible, and qualitative.

African Health Stats

This is an an innovative data site that allows you to compare key health indicators across all 54 African Union member states. This platform would be useful for monitoring health and epidemiological trends on the continent with quantitative data.

AMREF Health Africa

This East African health organization came to fruition in order to address the shortage of health personnel in the region. It has a wealth of data and research concerning the development of East African countries and an abundance of information about various grassroots programs within communities both within East Africa and surrounding countries.

Our Africa

This site was created as a simple and effective way to allow children from different cultures to communication and break down barriers and boundaries. You can search by country and watch films and read information about agriculture, education, development, climate and an assortment of other valuable information.

West African Health Organization

This is a specialized organization for the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). It is responsible for evaluating and maintaining the highest standards of health possible for the people of the region. This website would be a vital source of epidemiological information as it concerns West Africa.

World Health Organization

This is a bulletin on the health of African people published by the World Health Organization (WHO). This is a good source of information for people seeking a broad knowledge about the health of African people. The full report can be downloaded as a PDF.

East, Central and South Africa Health Community

This site is dedicated to addressing common health challenges that face the Eastern, Central, and Southern regions of Africa. This would be important information for those interested in fostering and strengthening regional cooperation and capacity to address the health needs of the people within these communities.