African Business Magazine

This online platform offers a unique perspective on African economy from an African vantage point. Because this is hosted by Financial Times, a person who is looking for a more well-rounded and in-depth look at the economy might benefit from this source.

Africa Economic Analysis

This is a non-profit organization that hosts informed and relevant articles regarding the African economy. It provides a perspective of African economy that is not corrupted by conventional media.

African Economic Outlook

This website, launched in collaboration with the UN and the African Development Bank, provides up-to-date information on each African country’s economic status as well as sets annual goals for the African economy. This is a great source for anyone interested in staying current on the African economic priorities.

Africa Progress Panel

This is a comprehensive report on the status of the African economy prepared in 2014. For people who wish to grasp the issues and complexities of the African Economy, this source provides easy-to-understand infographics and quality information.

Grow Africa

This is a program between the African Union, NEPAD, and the World Bank to promote private sector investment. This would be useful for someone looking for insight on a very specific sector of the economy or private investment.


This is a non-profit website founded by a students’ union in order to debunk typical myths of African Economy. This may be particularly interesting to someone looking for a perspective on African economy that is unlike anything else that is available on the web.

New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD)

This website represents the New Partnership for Africa’s Development as intended by the African Union to act as a policy-shaping framework. The site allows for first-hand access to the main policy-making bodies of the African Union for direct information and direction of economic policy.

United Nations Economic Commission for Africa

This non-profit organization provides information on the development work that is being done, and various policies in place, to evolve Africa’s economy. This source gives access to the United Nation’s databank regarding their work such as the Economic Commision for Africa, so that someone who is interested could navigate to the information available on site.

Ventures Africa

This is an online platform that takes a unique, double-sided approach to analyzing African business, policy, innovation and lifestyle. It may benefit someone who is looking for a more holistic view of African economy.

The World Bank

This site provides a wealth of information pertaining to relevant economic positions of any given country, as well as statistics for a more quantitative look at African economy. The World Bank’s portion on Africa might be particularly interesting to someone looking to understand African’s economic stance in comparison to other countries.